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Rosenman hasn’t been as active compared to Port, and according to his IMDB page – the last time he produced was in 2012 on X Factor. taken-by=whitneyeveport How could I not put these two together? I thought Heidi was trouble from the moment she walked down that fashion runway in Laguna Beach.Or how about in the pilot when she tried to convince Lauren to let them all in to the exclusive Teen Vogue party?Add in Spencer Pratt into the equation, and that was the beginning of the end of Lauren and Heidi’s friendship. Despite a fake divorce file to boost Montag’s career, the couple has been on various reality tv shows, and more recently – have taken to the media to prove that they are good people, don’t like LC, and that Spencer really did spread those sex tape rumors. taken-by=heidipratt Stephanie’s first appearance was when she went crazy on Lauren at the club but then found out she would be attending the same school as Lauren.While the two became friends, it put a strain on her relationship with her brother, Spencer.She got a DUI, and admitted to past substance abuse problems.If you want to catch up with Pratt, you can still do so on The introduction of both Pratt and Montag siblings will always be the best.

Patridge announced the pregnancy in true 2015 celebrity fashion – via an ad on Instagram. taken-by=audrinapatridge Audrina was Heidi’s “first new friend in LA”…look how well that turned out.In 2014, Holly married Richie Wilson, a medical sales representative.In 2015, Holly gave birth to her first son, Isaiah Hawk Wilson.Prepare to drench yourself in (secret) words unspoken.It's been a decade since Lauren Conrad ditched Stephen Colletti and her high school drama and took her BMW on the road to LA, the place where dreams are made of...while waiting in line at Les Deux.

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