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You will also see quickly that parts of this movie were also in ?

The two have sons and actually switch each others children. He later finds his way to the Shaolin Temple were he learns Kung fu. Like I said there is good action and Good martial arts as they were choreographed by Chan Yuet San who was the drunk priest in ? The # of clips on this DVD has to total around an hour and a half or 2.

Once on his journey again his constantly stalked by a young "man" (actually a woman in disguise), Miss Lu.

After defending him from an assassination attempt, Miss Lu constantly claims how Shao Lung owes her his life, though he is still under the impression she is still a man (a typical recurring plot device in some martial arts films though it is obvious it is a woman).

After another failed attempt at Shao Lung, he manages to come across Miss Lu’s half of the royal seal thus revealing she is a woman and also his wife-to-be.

Shao Lung and Miss Lu meet up with Brother Wan, and in turn they meet with Brother Ta-Chi who managed to beat the Bronzemen and leave Shaolin.

Ta-Chi is a mole who was placed in Shaolin by the Qings to learn kung fu and eventually kill Shao Lung.

It is one of the Shaolin themed films, concerning their battles against the Qing Dynasty. and others, A music video, brief interview, and Lyrical blades from Wu Tang, more words of wisdom From two real life Kung Fu instructors who look like monks and a page that will link you To the GZ site! s it can not save this horrendous waste of Gordon Liu? It will be great when Ground Zero releases a DVD with a great movie as well As great set up. If you are a collector of Liu movies get this, otherwise, keep the money and spend it on Something else??? I know that there are others that are on par with the badness of this movie. I rate this movie a 2.75 out of 5 ( SDM was only a 3).""This has to be the worst Gordon Liu movie I have ever seen.Once there, the boy finds the severe, disciplined lifestyle hard to cope with and, despite his best efforts, he lags behind his fellow pupils.Over time he does make a couple of close friends and it is their encouragement that drives him to reach his goals.

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