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It was the summer of 2011, and Mitchell, a Colleyville High School dropout who wrote original songs like “Love Can Wait” in the privacy of his parents’ basement, was new to all the attention. There were a few speed bumps for Mitchell in the first handful of episodes; in one, Murphy worried that Mitchell was “too perfect for the show.” But the real hiccup didn’t come until episode five, “Pairability.” Cameras focused on Mitchell dialing his mom, Dedo, after Lindsay Pearce kissed him during an acting sequence. The Mitchells—Cameron, his dad, his mom, and his two sisters—grew as a family within their church community. After evading a kiss with Hannah Mc Ialwain, Mitchell shocked everyone, including Ryan Murphy, by deciding to forfeit his spot on . “I feel like I could have written you a role, and I do think you could have gone all the way to the finals.

His moral side (the side his dad is proud of ) couldn’t take being on the show anymore. I think you could have touched so many people.” Mitchell, red-nosed and teary-eyed, still chose to leave It’s fall 2012 now, more than a year after he left the show, and Mitchell still doesn’t regret his decision.

No matter what season it is, his usual uniform (whether he’s performing or not) consists of skinny jeans and one of the eight pairs of Warby Parker glasses he has. The first Cameron-obsessed Tumblrs started clogging up the internet after Mitchell made it onto and a seven-episode arc. His dad, Preston, served as a pastor at Fellowship Church from 1995 until 2011.

His dirty blond hair is kept deliberately messy and tousled, like he just got out of bed. Girls from all over the world, especially from Brazil and the Philippines, latched onto Mitchell’s every awkward dance move. I can’t even tell you how crappy I feel about it.” Calmly, Dedo asked her son, “Why do you feel bad? I’ve never cheated on a girl my entire life, but it honestly feels like I have.” At the time, Mitchell was in a relationship with an aspiring singer and songwriter. He was Demi Lovato’s first boyfriend when she was in seventh grade.) Receiving a kiss from someone other than his girlfriend made Mitchell feel at odds with his Christian faith. Before that, Mitchell was the first baby to ever attend Fellowship, back when it was still the mission church of Irving’s First Baptist Church.

He was supposed to do 7 episodes, but so popular is our boyo that he’s going to be on some more.

Ricky Martin is a guest star on Glee tonight, and Damian’s posted about it on his Facebook page– and he’s also listed as a guest star himself, so maybe there’s a duet or a dance coming!

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It’s strange because Mitchell is the opposite of a violent guy.“It’s a reminder of what I was like on the show,” he says. As far-fetched as this scenario might seem for other guys, it could actually happen for this particular Swifty admirer.After all, Mitchell is a teenage heartthrob himself.“He doesn’t have a car.” Fun at the Mc Ginty- Mitchell residence means waking up at 4 am to watch soccer matches or playing hours of the FIFA Soccer video game.Mitchell plays as Brazil, and Mc Ginty usually picks Madrid or Spain. About an hour later, after Mitchell gives up on his bland food, he takes me to Jon Draper’s home in Keller. Draper’s dad opens the door and tells us to go upstairs, where his son—Mitchell’s childhood friend, audio engineer, and music video director—is playing online poker on his i Pad.

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