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Herpes simplex is diagnosed by taking swabs of the affected area, if ulcers or lesions present.The first outbreak is often the worst (but you might only ever have one) In many cases, outbreaks of the herpes virus reduce in severity over time, and for many people who have a bad reaction to the virus, the first episode can be the worst.Outbreaks are also more common when a woman is on her period.Those who have regular occurrences can manage the virus in a number of ways, for instant taking daily anti-virals during stressful periods, such as exam times.The majority of Irish people have been exposed to herpes type one in the past and have built antibodies against the virus.A fifth of people have been exposed to herpes type 2. In fact, 80pc of Irish people have antibodies against type 1 herpes simplex, which means 80pc of people have been exposed to the virus at some point.While some people might only ever have one outbreak, others might experience outbreaks systemically.

They claim the Yeah singer did not inform them that he had suffered outbreaks of the virus before engaging in unprotected sex.

However, I have seen patients who have had first outbreaks six months after their last sexual encounter.

So it's hard to know sometimes if it was their last partner or not and that can be difficult," said Dr Mc Quade.

The virus is spread through fluids found within herpes sores, which can passed on from one person to another during sex, but also during any kind of sexual intimacy.

This means that even though you are practising safe sex you can still pick up the virus.

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