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Non-integer types are converted to integer." ) I didn't receive a warning but perhaps that's correct too...depends on whether the string - integer conversion is considered "illegal": "Illegal offset type emits E_NOTICE." (i.e.since $params['search'] is a string, the 'filter' subscript is converted to 0, so the test becomes empty($params['search'][0]), which is obviously false), but it tripped me up enough to mistakenly file a bug report (which I've since closed).When using the php empty() function to check submitted variables such as $_POST or $_GET, be careful to remember that values 0 (integer) and "0" (string with zero character) are all considered empty. in a simple cms a page ID of zero might be used to indicate that the homepage should be displayed but using the following code: When attempting to display the homepage using a pid of zero the above code will fail.So as a result i wrote a small function to replace the php empty() function in situations where you want 0 and "0" not to be considered empty.empty There are two optional parameters:$allow_false: setting this to true will make the function consider a boolean value of false as NOT empty.This parameter is false by default.$allow_ws: setting this to true will make the function consider a string with nothing but white space as NOT empty. In Testing:the above code outputs the following:unset variable ($notset) - Empty: yesnull - Empty: yes0 - Empty: nostring "0" - Empty: nofalse - Empty: yesfalse ($allow_false = true) - Empty: notrue - Empty: nostring "foo" - Empty: nowhite space " " - Empty: yeswhite space ($allow_ws = true) " " - Empty: noempty array - Empty: yes Hope this code is useful for someone.

This is due to the fact that the empty() function uses __isset() magic functin in these cases.

Actually, in most of the applications I code, I use a multi-dimensional array map function with trim on the Super Globals such as $_POST, $_GET and $_COOKIE as so far, there hasn't been an instance where I would want any user input to begin or end with whitespace.

The good thing about doing this is that you never have to worry about 'trimming' your input which makes your code easier and more reliable (incase you forget to trim some input).

Although it's noted in the documentation above, I think it's worth mentioning in more detail as the behaviour is not straightforward. ) results, you need to add __isset() magic function to your class:foo)) echo 'foo is empty'; else echo 'foo is not empty';and we get the misleading result "foo is empty".

There is NO ERROR OR WARNING, so this is a real gotcha. To add on to what anon said, what's happening in john_jian's example seems unusual because we don't see the implicit typecasting going on behind the scenes.

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