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About the same age as Billie, no kids, did HR for a Plymouth based Tech Company. Michelle had invited Billie over for pizza and to watch a video. Billie sighed as Michelle spread them wide, cleaving them with the tip of her tongue, circling the small hood at their apex. Michelle lent Billie her robe and put a big, flannel nightshirt on herself.

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Billie spent a lot of time with Michelle seeing movies and going antiquing. They both had a passion for the Red Sox (Michelle was bored by baseball) and got into the habit of watching the games together, even taking in a few at Fenway when Sean could score seats from a client. She used her foot to push Billie's jeans the rest of the way down to her ankles. Billie closed her eyes, "No I'm not," she answered. The hard nipples, the smooth skin of her stomach; she flicked the silver belly ring with her tongue as she passed. "Move in with us, with Sean and me," Michelle repeated.

The girls burrowed under the fleece, fleeing the cold air for the heat of their bodies. "I want to feel you against me," she hissed into the girl's ear. Although she was twenty eight, Billie had the slim figure of an adolescent. Michelle finding her, touching Billie as Billie touched her. "Come here," Billie commanded, pulling Michelle close.

Small, firm breasts outlined in white, capped with pale pink tips. Billie's hand cupped Michelle's breast, Michelle moaned into the other girl's mouth as Billie's thumb teased her rock-hard nipple. Michelle reached out and laid her finger tips against Billie's light brown nipples, surprisingly dark against the pale, pale skin of her tiny breasts. Their breasts pressed warmly together, hot softness in the cold night air. "Oh God, I want you," she whispered, finally getting the button undone, forcing the tight denim over Michelle's hips, pushing them down with her panties, searching for her, finding the tangle of coarse hair, the tip of her soft cleft, the moist heat beneath. "Oh yesss," She undid Billie's jeans, looking into each other's eyes, smiling softly, Billie lifting her hips up, letting Michelle push her jeans and panties down.

They ground into each other, kissing deeply, Michelle playing with the other girls hard button nipples. "Mmm, bite my neck again." Billie laughed and grabbed the other girl's wrists, pinning them over her head bending to graze her teeth against Michelle's neck once more. Billie's finger explored her softness as she alternately suckled and nibbled her breast.

Michelle moaned again and worked her own thigh between Billie's legs, finding the other girl's sex, feeling her juices, slippery hot against her own skin. She licked a trail across Michelle's chest, across her left breast, capturing the hard pink nipple between her teeth. Michelle opened her legs wide, kicking her ankles free from her crumpled jeans.

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