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There were doctors there to take care of them as well. But I never knew that he loved them so much he did something for them to be healed and they did not have to qualify for it. He sent his only beloved Son to be punished in your place.I could see the sadness in their eyes, but no one talked much. They were not too sick except that they had boils sometimes. I used to think God heals some people and for others, It is his will that they must be sick. It is a gift and it does not depend on your behaviour at all. He has taken all sicknesses and diseases including AIDS on his own body.When Will Wilson was diagnosed with AIDS in 2002, he relied on trips to Canada and credit cards to get the life-saving medication he needed.

Never been there that much and the last time was for my uncle's funeral so, I plainly refused. I taught them some songs and to pray before they sleep each night. There was another lady who was permanently taking care of the children. No one told me that they did not want to die or that they wanted to get well.

Related: Three decades later, men who survived the ‘gay plague’ speak out Before Obamacare, people with HIV had trouble getting insurance because of pre-existing condition exclusions, Medicaid limitations and steep costs. fell 18 percent between 20, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Coverage for people with HIV increased nationwide after the law was enacted, from 36 percent in 2012 to 42 percent in 2014, mainly due to the Medicaid expansion, a recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found. Carl Schmid, deputy executive director of the AIDS Institute, a non-profit group, said he doesn't believe that the administration in uncaring about HIV/AIDS policy, but harm could come from some of Trump's positions as well as the seeming lack of direction on the issue from the White House."It's a mixed bag," Schmid said.

Trump has not appointed someone to lead the White House Office of National AIDS Policy, and the office's informational page on the White House website is blank.

Ten members remain on the Presidential Advisory Council, which Clinton also created in 1995, and its first and only meeting happened in August.

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