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Try collusion, lying, conspiracy, obstruction of justice (which trump ..has committed right before our eyes and ears, not to mention revealing top secret information to the Russkis right there in the Oval Office with cameras present), money laundering, bribery, conspiracy to kidnap. We New Yorkers knew Mayor ..Quote:"'I found Steve to be the most passionate advocate I spoke to in the White House for combating the growing BDS [Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions] movement on college campuses and around the world, passing the Taylor Force Act, moving the U. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, decertifying the deeply flawed Iran nuclear deal, and so much more,' he [Zeldin] said."-------------------------------------------------------Zeldin clearly explained (supra) his reason for embracing ..Quote:"The specter of The Donald leading them to a crushing defeat in November has unhinged the extreme Right-Wingers on this thread.

Considering flynn's liability is in the multiples, he got a MEGA-sweetheart deal which indicates he's got mega-goods on trump, pence, kushner, and, yes, even sessions. None of the information so far indicates Manaforts pleadings have anything to do with the Trump Presidency. So if there is collusion, why didn't Flynn's pleadings have anything to do with a conspiracy? They are trodding - - - frenetically - - - on each other's heels in their eagerness to smear our president-to-be and her husband with novel, substance-free defamations, pausing only to praise the fatuous lies posted by their colleagues.

He should step aside and let someone take his spot on the ballot who doesn’t prey upon young teenage girls as a grown man.”Mr.

Zeldin tweeted: “It’s about time for that creepy Roy Moore dude to exit stage left.

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If your estate is not above ..million, your benefits from this portion of the GOP’s tax cut will be a nice round number: zero. The GOP has called these deductions favoritism for people who live in high-tax states.The GOP has been singing from the Market-is-God hymnal for well over a century, telling us that deregulation, tax cuts for the rich, and the concentration of ever more wealth in the bloated accounts of the richest people will result in prosperity for the rest of us.The party is now trying to pass a scam that throws a few crumbs to the middle class (temporarily — millions of middle-class Americans will soon see a tax hike if the bill is enacted) while heaping benefits on the super-rich, multiplying the national debt and endangering the American economy.‘Very Fake News’: ABC’s Brian Ross Issues On-Air ‘Clarification’ to Correct Report ‘Candidate’ Trump ‘Ordered’ Flynn to Contact Russians, Friday on ABC’s “World News Tonight,” network investigative reporter Brian Ross backtracked on his initial report claiming former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had promised “full cooperation” with special counsel Robert Mueller and was prepared to testify that “candidate” ..Quote:"Mr.Bannon has been criticized for promoting misogynistic, xenophobic and racist views through his news organization ...

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