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(DEWS – Distant Early Warning System for Tsunamis – u Dig) 275.

Earthquake Assistance – Assisting in the aftermath of the massive Ecuador earthquake by listing “Safe Place” locations from government listings. Disaster Debris – Estimating debris amounts to better prepare and respond to a major debris generating event. Earthquake-Landslide Susceptibility – Mapping the susceptibility of earthquake induced landslides using an artificial neural networks and factors such as slope, aspect, curvature and distance from drainage.

Flight Path – Simulating flight paths integrated with elevation data, imagery and other spatial data using Falcon View. Search for Flight MH370 – Crowd-sourcing the search for flight MH370 with satellite imagery provided by Digital Globe. Airspace Builder – Visualizing the air available to aircraft to fly in with 3D volumes using NASA’s World Wind. Air Traffic Control – Fine-tuning air traffic control with a common operational picture for security vulnerability and land use permitting. Drone No-fly Zones – Delineating drone no-fly zones where it’s illegal to fly such as near airports and military bases. Aeronautical Charts – Scouting out best routes, safe altitudes and navigation aids in the sky with aeronautical charts. Runway Approach Zone Encroachment – Pinpointing obstructions in the approach zone of a runway using detailed elevation data to ensure no collisions FAA Safety Analysis. Airport Sound Exposure – Assessing the relationship between aircraft-generated noise levels and land uses, noise receptors, and demographics in the airport environs. Fly Through – Cruising the high altitudes with interactive 3D viewing and fly-throughs with Landserf. Flight Simulator – Becoming a pilot in the cockpit with three-dimensional perspective views of an area by combined with elevation and imagery. Air Space Review – Automating the dissemination and portrayal of Special Activity Airspace information via OGC Web Services. Toyota Vehicle Crowd Sourcing – Piecing together hyper-precise and up-to-date maps using Toyota vehicle’s GPS and camera. In-Vehicle Usage – Monitoring driving habits like speed, sudden acceleration and pushing hard on the brakes for insurance underwriting. Geo Fencing – Immobilizing cross border travel with geofencing (virtual barriers) – perfect for car sharing and rental programs. Self-Driving Vehicles – Sitting back and relaxing while Google’s autonomous car does all the work equipped with Li DAR, GPS, an inertial unit and sophisticated software. GPS Receivers – Nurturing mapping technology as it’s almost standard to have a GPS receiver and a monitor with all the latest maps. Waze Real-Time Driving – Saving time and money on your commute as drivers share real-time traffic information and road alerts with each other with Waze. Estimated Travel Time – Locking in your destination and getting live updates for estimated travel time. Morgan Freeman’s Voice – Enjoying the calm, soothing voice of Morgan Freeman as he delivers directions from your GPS navigation system. Market Share – Examining branch locations, competitor locations and demographic characteristics to identify areas worthy of expansion or determine market share in Maptitude. ATM Machine – Filling in market and service gaps by understanding where customers, facilities, and competitors are with address locating, database management and query tools. World Bank Economic Statistics – Slicing and dicing raw financial data from the World Bank. Merger and Acquisitions – Profiling and finding opportunities to gain and build where customers are with market profiling 138.

(Granted, this is not the ideal solution, but it does make the apps usable again) Now comes the fun part.

You will just have to copy your manifest file to all of the application folders that you would like to change the scaling on.

Combat Flight Planning Software (CFPS) – Previewing combat routes, weapon delivery and air drop planning in Falcon View. Reconnaissance Satellites – Spying on enemies with satellites – from Corona in 1959 to the tiny Cube Sat’s being used today. Base Construction Planning – Constructing a base site without it being visible from nearby major roads using the 3D skyline tool. GEOINT – Revealing human activity through the use of geospatial investigation and ultraviolet to microwave imagery. Military Simulation – Simulating ground vehicle in a highly realistic virtual world. US Army Corps of Engineers – Delivering vital public and military engineering services keeping geospatial information in mind. Pigeon Mapping – Spying on enemies in World War II with the Bavarian Pigeon Corps – a flock of pigeons equipped with cameras. Chokepoint – Safeguarding chokepoints like bridges or dams where critical infrastructure converge – explosions here would cause multiple effects. Bird Strike – Flying safely through the Bird Avoidance Model (BAM) – a temporal raster grids equal to the sum of the mean bird mass for all species present. Uranium Depletion – Mapping depleted uranium and preventing it from getting into the wrong hands. President Assassination – Preventing assassinations by understanding the logistics of a past one. Mobile Command Modeling – Setting up shop by finding the most optimal mobile command location. Common Operating Picture – Getting everyone on the same page with a Common Operating Picture. Military Mission Planning – Increasing operational awareness to helicopter pilots through 3D for conducting ingress and egress movement. Locational Intelligence – Creating safety and danger areas for ground-to-ground weapons (Surface Danger Zones) and air-to-ground Weapon Danger Zone. United Nations Peacekeeping – Peacekeeping by means of having the geographic necessary for humanitarian aid, developing peace in war-torn countries and providing the necessary support. Critical Features – Identifying threats to homeland security by collecting knowledge of the built and cultural environments. Tactical Planning – Deploying troops and military equipment to combat zones intelligently by searching compressed and quick-loading reconnaissance imagery. Motion Video – Capturing georeferenced video to assess anything such as operational status of an industrial plant, bomb damage on a target or length of a runway. Homeland Security – Addressing vulnerabilities and formulating preparedness measures in case of terrorism and emergency situations. Virtual Reality – Simulating military and training in a 3D environment using GIS data. Attack Modelling – Modeling a potential attack to legitimize the needs and have policy makers truly understand the consequences of an attack with preparedness expenditures. Helicopter Landing – Inventorying potential landing zones to helicopters unseen, unheard and on flat terrain. Guard Posting – Posting armed guards in optimal locations to eliminate chokepoints. 3D Fences – Building security fences with post interval and number of wires/boards with heights in a 3D GIS environment. War Maps – Familiarizing oneself with the enemy defenses and territory by mapping strategic attacks. World Trade Center – Responding to terrorist attacks including real-time data delivery, victim tracking, facility and resource vulnerability, data availability, implementation, environmental exposure and air monitoring (World Trade Center GIS Response) 245.

Georeferenced Video – Cataloging and retrieving full motion video using the Arc GIS Full Motion Video Add-In or Hexagon Geospatial Geo Media Motion Geo Video Analyst. Detecting IED – Monitoring disturbed surfaces one day to next to find Improvised Explosive Devices 247.

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